​      Abercrombie driving school - bathurst

Operating Monday to Friday 

*Learner Driver Lessons + you get 3 logbook hours for a 1 hour lesson  

*P's Test Preparation and assessments 

Professional Courteous Instructor

*Aged Driver refreshers


Learner Driver Lessons - Abercrombie Driving School conduct full 1 hour lessons to ensure you get value for the money you invest in driver training, your satisfaction is important to us.

                                            -The first part of Learning to Drive is understanding the mechanics of a car and how it works, this will make your task of controlling the car much easier. Abercrombie Driving School can explain in simple terms and demonstrations how this happens.

                                           - Abercrombie Driving School will asses each and every driver as an individual and plan the best training schedule and methods to suit, I understand that different approaches need to be employed to achieve the best results.

​                                           - Your vehicle or mine its your choice, its important you are comfortable and if you prefer a familiar vehicle that's fine.

                                          - When you do a 1 hour driving lesson with Abercrombie Driving School it will go into your logbook as 3 hours, this applies to the first 10 structured driving lessons( *unless they're at night), after this, lessons are conducted on a 1hour lesson /1 hour in your logbook.

                                        *Lessons at night are determined by the time of day, *it must be dark. Lessons conducted between sunset and sunrise are considered night driving and count for only one hour of night driving with the other two hours to be entered into the logbook as day hours. This is to ensure all learner drivers experience 20 hours of night driving.


 P's Test Preparation and Assesments - Getting your drivers licence is an important and exciting time in your life. When you sit for your licence test, make sure you know you have prepared properly and give yourself the best chance of leaving Services NSW with your licence to drive. Abercrombie Driving School will give you an honest and open assesment of your driving capabilities and chances of passing a test, I'll let you know what areas you need to address, if there are any.

Aged Driver Training and Assesments - If its time to renew your licence and keep your independence, but aren't sure of any changed or new rules, or even if your driving is up to scratch, then it may be best to have a refresher, these lessons can be done in my vehicles or if you prefer, in your own.