Come and see for yourself. When you learn with us we’ll treat you with respect and work on your strengths and weaknesses to make you the best driver you can be. 

*Learner Driver Lessons + you get 3 logbook hours for a 1 hour lesson  

*P's Test Preparation and assessments 

Professional Courteous Instructor

*Aged Driver refreshers

Our Team

Why Choose Us

We care about you're welfare, as a driver trainer and instructor I'll work through all stages of training including mechanics of how the car works, road rules, parking and much more. Our cars are regularly serviced and inspected by certified technicians to ensure their reliability, road worthy and most importantly you're safety. I will also train you in your own car if you prefer.


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At Abercrombie Driving School we know that getting your licence will mean more to you than just allowing you to get from point A to point B, it’s your freedom. 


Your licence will let you complete essential activities as well as travelling to and from work, shopping, sport, recreation and much more, You'll depend on it, so it’s important you receive quality professional training and service so you can use it properly and safely.


When you learn with Abercrombie Driving School we make sure you are trained as an Individual to get the best we can out of you, and for you, as a driver.